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    18 September 2020

    Get a sneak peek of our online interiors course

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    Our online interiors mini course, Life Styling: Introduction to Interiors, aims to give anybody the basic skills to style their own home.

    Are you a styling beginner or a passionate interior hobbyist? You’ll benefit from 17 modules blending design theory and practical advice, created by a team of expert stylists from Australia’s leading interiors brand. Plus, with videos, infographics and hands-on exercises to try, it’s as fun as it is informative!

    If you’re interested in taking our online interiors course, but want to know more, for a limited time we’re making one of the lessons FREE to preview. Check out how we hone our inspiration with interiors moodboards, from collecting materials to creating a cohesive (and beautiful) moodboard. The lesson has a motivating video intro, an easy-to-understand infographic and an exercise to create a moodboard of your own!

    Click here for a free preview of our sample lesson, Making a Moodboard

    Get a sneak peek at our online interiors course | BOWERBIRD Interiors

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