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    24 May 2021

    Why office interiors are so important for a business

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    At BOWERBIRD Interiors, we’re always talking about the importance of interiors that inspire you.

    That’s never more true than with office interiors. How you style your office interiors for your business can make a significant impact on your employees’ productivity, health and even the long-term success of your business. Here are a few reasons why professional styling is worth your investment.

    Being productive

    What can you do to make your employees more productive, besides buying a coffee machine? It’s said that interior design can increase productivity by up to 20 per cent. Now that people are coming into the office after a long period of working from the comforts of home, office interiors are even more important. The last thing you want is for people to come in and feel less inspired.

    Interior stylists have a few tricks up their sleeves. We might draw from colour psychology theory, adding pops of blue to the space to create a calming yet productive atmosphere. Or, by making sure the office layout is perfect, every worker will have the space to move around – and think creatively. One of our favourite things to do at BOWERBIRD is to create open plan offices, which allow for people to have their own spaces but also easily communicate with their co-workers, or have a minute to relax in break-out areas. This allows for better collaboration, team bonding and office culture.

    Healthier workplaces

    When styling an office, you have to remember people will be in the space for many hours a week, so it needs to be a healthy place to work. This includes buying ergonomic furniture to prevent strain from sitting down for long periods of time. While there’s nothing more draining than a drab room, dim lighting can also cause eye strain, so we’ll also make sure to increase natural light flow as much as possible. 

    Hiring advantage

    In business, we all know that hiring can be a challenge, but an enticing work environment could help you attract the best talent. Who wouldn’t want to work in an office with unique and personal touches – potted plants on every desk, comfortable cushions in the employee lounge, carefully selected artwork in the meeting rooms. And an office that’s inspiring will even improve employee retention.

    Let us help you reach your business goals

    If you’re a business looking to take your interiors up a notch, we have the solution. From design ideation, furniture sourcing to delivery and styling, we’ll help you transform your office interiors into a place where people love to come to work!  Call us on 02 9531 2233 or use the contact form to set up a free consultation.

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