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    6 September 2021

    More than interiors: always have been, always will be

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    What if you had the ability to make small changes that rippled into bigger impacts?

    For us, it’s always been more than furniture and styling. It’s about making a difference to our team, our customers, their families and all the lives we touch through interiors. And we’d love for you to walk alongside us as we continue to touch the lives of all those around us.

    Making a difference for our Customers

    Through breathtaking interiors, we’re adding value to your property, your home and the meaning it brings you. We’re creating opportunities for people to enjoy more meaningful moments with those they care about most. Whether you’re selling, keeping, or elevating, let us help you achieve your goals and more. 

    Making a difference for our Partners

    We’re building more meaningful partnerships with businesses and suppliers who share the same vision. Strength in numbers lies within our relationships, and we’re grateful for the opportunities that allow us to learn, grow and excel together in more ways than one.

    Making a difference for our Team

    We’re avid believers that the key to every great business is the people behind it. We understand that every individual plays an integral role and we’ve committed to supporting each other’s personal and professional development for everyone in our BOWERBIRD family.   

    Making a difference for our Community

    Our foundation has always been to give back, and we’re extremely proud to be a gold partner of Children’s Cancer Institute for the next three years. We believe every child should dream big, explore and grow up healthy. But for children with cancer, this isn’t always a reality. So between 1st September to 30th November 2021, BOWERBIRD Interiors is donating $100 to Children’s Cancer Institute for every project we book and install across our Homesellers, Homeowners and Business verticals. This initiative forms part of our commitment to raising $100,000 in 2021. This is a small step in our march towards a future of Zero children’s cancer and we welcome any supporters who want to join us in this fight.

    If you’d like to be part of our journey to make a difference – whether you’re a customer, potential business partner or a future team member – we’re always open to hearing from you. Get in touch using the contact form or email us at and we’ll be in touch soon.

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