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    9 September 2019

    Styling to sell? Pick BOWERBIRD BLACK

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    It’s a tough market out there – and although all the signs are pointing to an upward turn in the Australian property market, it’s still essential to put your best foot forward if you’re looking to sell your home.

    One way to ensure you’re making a good first impression on any potential buyers is to invest in property styling – especially as more and more properties are being styled to sell. Buyers are more discerning than ever, too, which means if you want your home to stand out amongst the crowd, property styling could give you the edge you need.

    The good news is, experts also agree that property styling can add between 5–10% to your final sale price, so it could be the best investment you make when it comes to selling your home. 

    Here’s why you should pick BOWERBIRD BLACK

    It’s backed by our guarantee of success

    Put simply, this means that if your property doesn’t sell, we won’t charge you a cent. That’s our guarantee. But with 91% of homes styled with BOWERBIRD BLACK going on to sell, we back ourselves to deliver a return on your investment. Considering the current clearance rate is well below our 91% success rate, too, we’re confident we can help to sell your home, even in a tough market.


    We’ve eliminated the risk – for you

    With BOWERBIRD BLACK, there’s no upfront payment required – you only pay for your property styling once you sell and even then, only from your settlement. This eliminates all risk for you as you’re never out of pocket. From start to finish, we wear the risk.

    The process is seamless – and simple

    Rest assured, if you opt to style your home with BOWERBIRD BLACK, you’re still going to reap the benefits of BOWERBIRD’s premium styling service. To get things kickstarted, we’ll come to your home for a free assessment and then once you decide to proceed with BOWERBIRD BLACK, we’ll prep a custom quote (that you can easily accept online!), before returning to your home to set and style it for sale. See? Seamless and simple.

    Ready to style your property for sale?

    To find out more details about BOWERBIRD BLACK, or simply request a quote, contact us via the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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