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    7 May 2021

    Meet Jorge, our Director of Strategy, People & Culture

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    Meet Jorge – fitness enthusiast by daybreak, loving father (and husband) and our strategic director every other hour of the day. If there’s a person to strike the right balance between the tougher side of business and the softer side of people & culture, Jorge is it. What he can do with those guns is nothing compared to how he leads, inspires and brings commercial & people strategy to life.

    We sat down and asked him a few questions about his role at BOWERBIRD Interiors and fatherhood. Watch the video to hear what he said, or read the full interview below!

    What does a typical morning for you look like?

    A typical morning for me… it’s a 4:45am start, alarm goes off. I wake up, come downstairs, try not to make any noise so I don’t wake my 2-year-old sleeping upstairs. I get my gym gear ready, my shakers ready and it’s off to the gym.

    What does your day to day at BOWERBIRD Interiors look like?

    My day to day is really varied. I dedicate time to planning and strategy, which is really really important so that we can project our growth. The rest of my day is working with people to ensure we’re making those plans work. That means working with people like operations, marketing, sales and our styling teams. Part of my role is to make sure that people are happy in their roles, they feel safe and that people have the right tools they need to be able to do their roles.

    What’s the most rewarding part of your current role?

    Ah… there are quite a few things I find rewarding. The most rewarding would be meeting outstanding talent. There’s a lot of talent out there – I speak to a lot of people on the phone and I meet a lot of people. But finding that diamond in the rough I think is really rewarding – as well as seeing our people fulfilling their potential and living our values every day. Our values are really important to us. The one thing we want to avoid is having values for values’ sake, so yeah, seeing our people live our values instinctively is also really rewarding.

    How long have you been with BOWERBIRD Interiors?

    I’ve been with BOWERBIRD in a couple of capacities, but in total, I’ve been here for 3 years. I’ve done 3 different roles, which is really the exciting bit about working here. The longer you stick around, the more opportunities come your way.

    What’s your favourite quote?

    My favourite quote is “There is no challenge great enough that can’t be overcome with sustained thinking”.

    What’s your favourite colour and why?

    My favourite colour is blue. I don’t wear it very much, I wear it in my socks (points foot up). There’s a certain amount of tranquillity and balance in blue. I think it’s just a fun colour.

    What’s the best part about being a Dad?

    The best part is also the most challenging part about being a Dad. It’s the fact that you see yourself in your kids. And it sounds cliched, but it’s like a mirror’s being held up to you. In their cutest moments, you hope to see yourself in them in that all the good that you have is in your kids and you’ve passed that down. But then there are more challenging moments where they are stubborn and mischievous and they don’t listen to what you say. That’s when you realise “ah hah, yes… this is my child” (laughs), because I see a lot of myself in those behaviours.

    What’s your best Dad joke?

    (This part is best watched, watch the end of the video if you haven’t already!)

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