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    11 February 2021

    Meet Lauren, our Creative Director

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    Meet Lauren – mother of two, creative director and our ray of sunshine. She is the visionary behind our bespoke ‘BOWERBIRD look’. What started as a means to satisfy her love for interiors and creativity, BOWERBIRD Interiors has now grown to become one of Sydney’s leading interiors businesses with an ever-growing team.

    We sat down with Loz and asked her a few questions about how she juggles being a mum and working life. Watch the video to hear what she said, or read on below.

    What does a typical morning look like for you?

    Well the kids are the alarm clock so who knows what time that is – but it is early. Then it’s get up and go. It’s exercise, it’s breakfast, it’s lunches, and to be honest, the biggest achievement is me actually wearing proper clothes and getting everyone in the car and school, and to work, on time.

    What is your creative process?

    (Draws scribbles in the air) That’s it haha I just go with the flow. When picking things for clients, when I see something, I just know. It’s a feeling.

    What does a day in the life of being the Creative Director at BOWERBIRD Interiors look like?

    A rollercoaster! It really varies every single day. There will be days where I’m working on beautiful client homes, specifying furniture. There are days I’m out buying 600 cushions at the last minute. And there are days I’m with my team, wrapping or workshopping on the floor. It really is what the main business needs are on that day. That’s me – I’m just thrown into where I’m needed most.

    How do you manage work-life balance?

    I don’t! haha I wing it.

    Do you prefer structure or spontaneity? 

    I love things just being thrown at me. I guess I get that adrenaline and I love not knowing in the morning what I’m doing. I get to work and it’s like “right, we need you to do this, this and this”. I thrive off not having structure and routine.

    What’s your number 1 tip for interiors?

    My number one tip is if you see something that you love, get it. Keep all the big items neutral and timeless so they last for many years. You can always change artworks and accessories with trends or if you’re feeling a different colour or whatever it may be. Just keep the base of your home timeless and neutral.

    What’s your favourite quote?

    I love so many quotes. I read them religiously every morning, but one that stands out and applies to me the most right now is “You can have it all, just not all at once”.

    What do you love most about your team?

    Honestly, I love so many things about everyone. But I guess the biggest thing that you will notice if you ever meet our team is that everyone is really kind, they’re friendly, and they’re just really beautiful people.

    What’s it like working with your husband?

    Incredible. A lot of people ask me ‘how do you work with your husband?’. But how could I not? I get to see him every day, we bounce ideas off each other… He really is everything that I’m not and vice versa. We’re a team, for sure.

    What would you like to say to whoever is watching?

    Thanks for spending some time with me and thanks to everyone who supports and believes in BOWERBIRD.

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