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    16 July 2021

    6 ways to incorporate marble into your home decor

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    Since classic times, marble has been prized for its beauty and luxury.

    While we may no longer deck out our homes with marble statues, marble has remained on-trend for literal centuries. These days, lavish homes are decked out with marble – countertops, bathtubs, even statement walls. You can achieve the same look with faux marble finishes, but you can also inject a little luxe with marble details. Here are just six ways to incorporate marble into your home decor.

    Chopping board

    We love decor that also serves a practical purpose. Marble chopping boards are actually more hygienic than others because the non-porous stone doesn’t soak in juices or bacteria. They’re easy to clean, long-lasting and look great, too.


    This is another addition to your home which is practical but also looks stunning. In this case, you’ll want to look for dishware with a marble effect (the real deal is quite heavy for something you need to eat from). To make a statement, get a dishware set in matching marble pattern – it will look striking laid out on your dining table.

    Coffee table

    Round or rectangular, a marble coffee table adds the perfect modern, opulent touch to your living room. You can choose to invest in a real marble table which will basically last forever, or choose a marble-look surface. The great thing about a marble coffee table is it gives the same cleanness as glass, but you’ll never have to worry about it breaking.


    Lamps with a marble base are pretty popular at the moment, so you really have your pick of styles and price points. If you really want to go all out, we’d recommend opting for matching marble lamps – they make a great pair on bedside tables.

    Vases and pots

    Pop a bunch of flowers or a houseplant into a marble vase or pot for a classy accent to any room. Choose from a large statement piece or buy a few smaller ones to scatter around your home. 

    Trinket tray

    If you just want to dabble in marble, a small trinket tray is the perfect option for you. Turn your jewelry and treasured items into decor by displaying them against gorgeous marble.

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