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    31 December 2021

    Celebrate in style: create your makeshift bar at home

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    It’s time to invite your nearest and dearest for a long-awaited get-together. And what better way to celebrate than with a makeshift bar?

    A bar is the perfect place for your guests to gather round, enjoy drinks (including mocktails) and trade banter over hors dourves. Here are our tips and tricks for styling your own makeshift bar at home. Cheers!

    Use the space you have

    You probably don’t need to invest in a brand new bar, unless you’re entertaining guests every other night! Make a bar out of your dinner table, drinks cart, old piano… but the best place is typically a counter or kitchen island. 

    Provide flexible seating

    Some guests are comfortable standing while they sip, while others prefer to sit. Make sure you have options for both, with a relaxed seating design. If you casually scatter chairs in the space, people won’t feel pressured to sit like it’s a formal dinner – but they can if they want to! Stools are best to level the height difference between sitting and standing guests.

    Plate up

    It may seem like a home bar is all about the drinks, but once your guests get hungry you’ll be happy to have a stylish array of nibbles on display. Select plates, bowls and ramekins in a wide variety of sizes and heights – as well as being practical, this adds plenty of visual interest to your bar. 

    Bottles are decor, too!

    There are plenty of liquor brands that present their drinks in very fancy bottles – keep an eye out for these when shopping for your party. Plus, after you finish the contents these can make unique vases, water and food containers. 

    Tis the season

    Use the time of the year as a barometer for how you should style your home bar. During Christmas and New Year, out come the metallics to complement champagne toasts. In autumn, bring out warm colours and coppery details, and cool it down in winter with sleek and moody hues. Spring is your opportunity to play with colour – stained glassware is a great fun look.

    Place some conversation starters

    Pop a few interesting items on your bar to pique your guests’ interests. Whether that’s a beautiful vase of flowers, a stimulating book or a family heirloom, this will help fill any awkward silences … and if that fails, just pump the music!

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