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    25 July 2022

    7 ways to make an old home look new

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    You know that feeling when you’ve just purchased your new home and you’re head over heels in love? 

    And then like all honeymoon phases, the rose coloured glasses slowly fall off, years pass and trends change… your home inevitably becomes out of date and begins to look, well, old. Don’t we all want that new home feeling again? 

    Well, we challenge you to dream big and fall in love with your house all over again. Here’s how to make an old home look new.

    Deep clean

    Let’s be honest – nobody really likes cleaning, especially if it’s a home you’ve fallen out of love with. But setting aside a day to giving your home a deep clean and get rid of any clutter might just be what you need to get you motivated. A quick dust and polish is the cheapest way to make an old home feel like new.

    Turn to the pros

    If you find your home is putting up a fight against your cleaning skills, then it’s time to get the professionals in. Sometimes it really is worth the money to get in a professional cleaner, whether it be steam cleaning for carpets or washing those windows that are out of reach.

    Give old features new life

    If you can’t get rid of those old structural features, don’t worry. Arches are back in style so no need to go to the effort and expense of squaring them off, just give them a fresh coat of paint. We personally love when old meets new.

    A fresh lick of paint

    Speaking of paint, a fresh coat can do absolute wonders to make an old home feel new. Start by selecting a bright modern colour. The brighter the better in our opinion, as pristine white walls can make your space appear bigger

    All of the lights

    Changing up light fittings can drastically improve your home’s look and feel. Replacing that sad old chandelier with a sleek modern fitting will instantly make your room appear more modern. If new light fittings don’t fit into the budget, look at simply replacing your bulbs. We recommend energy-efficient bulbs, such as halogen incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

    A change of decor

    New decor is a great way to pretty up an old home without blowing the budget. Look for modern accessories and soft furnishings. Some of our favourite pieces at the moment are beads, sleek coffee table books and oversized ceramics. 

    A full revamp

    Sometimes an old home needs more than a 30-minute makeover, especially if you are planning on staying a while. After all, why live in a house you’re not totally in love with? This is where we can help. With BOWERBIRD Interiors Styled to Keep, we’ll select and style your home with the best-quality modern, timeless furniture and accessories. And the best part is, you’ll get to keep everything at the end!

    What about payment options?

    Although interior styling is often less expensive than people expect, it’s still an investment. This is why we offer Homeowners the flexibility to Pay Later with 12 months interest-free. This means you can access up to $250,000* worth of furniture with no upfront payments. Furnish now and pay later – it’s really that simple!

    Interested in creating BOWERBIRD look and feel in your home? Or just want to find out more? Fill in the contact form and we’ll be in touch right away.

    7 ways to make an old home look new | BOWERBIRD Interiors

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