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    24 April 2020

    Mini-makeover series: the living room

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    It doesn’t take a lot to make your home feel refreshed – a fresh lick of paint, a few online orders or even just a shuffle around. 

    In this mini-makeover series, we want to bring you easy and cost-effective ways to brighten up your home one step at a time. You’ve got the home, we’ve got the tips!

    Next on our to-do list is (drum roll please) a living room makeover. Let’s talk all things cosy family living with BOWERBIRD-approved styling tips – on a budget.

    Bright and white

    You’ll be amazed at what a new coat of paint can do. We recommend a bright white colour as a base for any space, and the living room is no different. It acts like a blank canvas and allows you to change up your space easily without having to get out the drop sheet every time. 

    Make a statement

    Adding a statement piece to your living room is a sure way to change it up without having to call in the removalist. Try statement art – if you’re the arty type maybe a DIY project could be a fun way to pass the time. A sculpture or a large indoor plant are also great ways to add a focal point. 

    See in a new light

    Have you been staring at the ceilings for a little too long lately? Are those drabby light fixtures starting to really bug you? Now is the time! Swap out that dated lighting for some modern downlights or even a gorgeous statement pendant for that extra pizzazz.

    Coffee table couture

    We like to think of ourselves as coffee table connoisseurs, so we have a few tips up our sleeve when it comes to striking the perfect balance. Too often we see people either leave their coffee tables empty or overload it with decor. For that iconic look, all you need is a coffee table book, a vase and a third item of your choice (we love trays or beads). Grouping items in threes always gives you that effortlessly put-together aesthetic.

    Add layers

    Now you have all the foundations set, it’s time to layer up. This is where you can bring in a pop of colour (we’re partial to a bright velvet cushion). If that isn’t your thing, just add that cosy feeling with plenty of throws in complementary colours. By the time you’re finished, you’ll just want to curl up on the couch and watch Netflix in your newly made-over living room.

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