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    12 July 2021

    How to style: the laundry

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    The laundry is probably the least favourite room in the house. Would you agree?

    And it’s not just because we all hate doing laundry. We’ll go out on a limb and say that the laundry is the most neglected room when it comes to styling. Sure, it makes sense – you don’t spend that much time in the laundry. But perhaps if you swapped your dim, cramped laundry for something a bit more aesthetically appealing, maybe it wouldn’t seem like such a chore anymore!

    Try smart storage

    The laundry is one tiny room so you need to make the most of whatever storage you have. It may be worth installing hanging cabinets or below-the-sink cabinets if you don’t already have them. Paint them in a light shade, the same or similar to the wall, to create the illusion of wider space. For anything that’s too bulky to fit in a cabinet, such as fresh towels and linen, put into woven baskets – they always look good!

    Buy display glass jars 

    There’s really nothing aesthetic about a tub of OMO, right? If you don’t have enough storage space to hide away all your detergents – or simply want them at hand – transfer them to glass jars. If you buy in bulk, this can even be a more eco-friendly option. Just make sure to keep jars away from children, as laundry pods especially can easily resemble candy!

    Upgrade your tapware

    Those scuffed, rusty taps could probably do with an update. It’s pretty easy to make taps and faucets look good as new with stainless steel polish, or baking soda and vinegar for a more natural option. You may also wish to invest in new modern tapware – we’re currently loving matte black.

    Add a tiled wall

    Want to go the whole way in your laundry makeover? Tiles are a pretty easy and inexpensive way to give your laundry an extra something-something. Subway tiles are still proving to be pretty popular, as well as unique shapes like hexagon tiles. We’d just recommend against a busy design. You want it to stay timeless!

    Don’t forget decor

    You may not spend too much time in the laundry but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little decor to make it more exciting. Hang a piece of art on the wall or pop a potted plant on the bench – anything to make the space personalised and fun.

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