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We are hosting
our very first BOWERBIRD
Styled to Sell Workshop on
May 23!

We will be pulling back the curtain, taking you through the how’s and the why’s of property styling, sharing some practical advice (that you’ll be able to implement yourself) to maximize the chances of selling the property.
This will be an exclusive opportunity for real estate agents and assistants to meet some of our expert stylists, get a behind-the-scenes look at our process, and pick up those tricks that will (you guessed it) help sell your property. You’ll be getting hands-on and cushion-deep into the detail (we do Love The Detail after all).

And it’s FREE. You just need to get on the list. Register now and we’ll shoot through our Styled to Sell eBook.

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The Details of the workshop
Thursday, May 23, 2019 / 6pm to 9pm
Expected weather:
Sunny, nice, 24C
At our headquarters:
Bowerbird Interiors
42 McCauley Street, Matraville, NSW, Australia
Cheese & Wine Reception
Bowerbird Tour
Styling Demo & Practical Exercises
Q+A & Closing
How much
100% Free. You just need to get on the list. Register now and we’ll shoot through our Styled to Sell eBook.
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