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    8 May 2020

    Mini-makeover series: the kitchen

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    We’re back with another mini-makeover!

    This time we are tackling the heart of the home and commonly the most expensive room to renovate. Yep, you guessed right – it’s a kitchen makeover. But with our tips, you’ll be making big impressions on a small budget.

    But first: declutter

    There’s nothing worse than a cluttered kitchen. It messes with the flow of your workspaces and, more importantly, your mood. So, before you get stuck into your kitchen makeover, clear those benchtops and hide those bulky appliances away. Instead, try going minimal with just a few functional accessories on display. 

    Feeling fresh

    We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Paint, paint, paint! A fresh coat can work wonders in a budget-friendly kitchen makeover. Instead of getting out the trusty sledgehammer and replacing all the cabinetry, try brightening it up with a neutral tone of paint (you can’t go wrong with white). Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, soft muted pastels are all the rage right now.

    Change it up

    Maybe you want to it one step further than a fresh lick of paint? Update those outdated handles for something more sleek and modern. This can transform your drabby kitchen with not much hard labour at hand – now that’s what we like to hear! brushed gold and matte black metalware are trending, and look oh-so-chic.

    Adding life

    So now we have all the bases covered in our kitchen makeover, let’s add some life back into the heart of the home. An easy but effective way to do this is by adding greenery – think a grand vase full of succulent eucalyptus, or a draping vine hanging off the shelf. Pair this with some warm tones (accessories like wooden chopping boards and cane baskets) you’ll be sure to have that warm welcoming feeling.

    Get it together

    Yes, people might not know what goes on behind the cabinet door. But we guarantee you that a little organisation will make you feel like you have your life together. So don’t be tempted to skip this step! Swap out the messy variety of packaging for organised jars or canisters. Try painting your labels or lids with chalkboard paint so you can easily swap out ingredients when needed. And as a plus, less plastic packaging is better for the planet, too! 

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