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    28 May 2021

    How to style: a kid’s room

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    Kids’ rooms – they’re not as easy as ABC, 123.

    A child’s bedroom has to function as a space for them to sleep, study and play as they grow up. So it can be quite a difficult balance to get right! Here are some of our best tips to create a kids’ room that ticks all the boxes.

    Have a basic foundation

    As any parent knows, a child’s likes and dislikes can rapidly shift like the weather. Even if they beg you for a racing car-shaped bed or bright purple walls, they will grow out of it faster than you can budget for. So, make sure the furniture you choose are fairly basic and neutral – you can decorate it with the latest fads as they grow up, but a new duvet cover is much more affordable than a new bed.

    Choose pops of colour

    Every kid has a favourite colour, but as we mentioned before, don’t go too crazy with it. Adding just a few pops of colour in the decor – fun cushions, woven rugs and cute knick-knacks – will give the room a playful, youthful feeling. We’d recommend finding out what their favourite colour is and choosing a few more complementary shades. And while you might want to reach for the neon options, you could find that muted pastels have a rather calming influence!

    Invest in storage solutions

    Kids’ rooms are notoriously untidy, but with some clever storage solutions hopefully you can make messes more manageable. For little ones, you’ll want to keep storage close to the ground so they can help out – think storage bins and boxes. One of our recommendations is to get a bed with hidden storage, as this helps with clutter AND stops the area under the bed from getting out of hand.

    Set up a workspace

    Children also need a space of their own to get productive, whether it’s a preschooler’s crayon drawings or a teenager’s maths homework. So, if you have the room, it’s a great idea to fit out the bedroom with a small desk and chair so they can work in peace. Why not try a floating bookshelf too?

    Layer soft furnishings

    Ultimately, kids’ rooms should always be a place of comfort. It’s hard to have too many soft furnishings, including throw rugs, cushions, bean bags and plush toys. Children love to explore with all their senses, so make sure to mix up textures for a room that’s as fun to feel as it is to look at. 

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