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    7 October 2019

    Is property styling essential?… Yes!

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    The real estate market is tough.

    And there’s no question that the process of prepping and selling your home can be stressful, too. After all, for most of us, our homes are our biggest assets! 

    But that’s exactly why property styling is so important. While in years gone by it may have been considered as something that’s simply ‘nice to have’ – now, property styling is firmly considered to be an essential part of the process.

    Here are a few reasons why…

    Property styling boosts your sale price

    When you’re looking to sell your home, getting the highest price possible is pretty much the aim of the game! And the good news is, property styling can help you to do just that. Not only do industry experts agree that styling your home can help it to sell faster – but it’s also estimated that property styling can add between 5–10% to your final sale price.

    It increases your home’s appeal to homebuyers

    To sell your home, you need to make a good first impression on homebuyers – especially considering that more and more homes are now being styled to sell. Bowerbird’s property stylists are not only up to date with the latest interiors trends, but working in the industry day in and day out means that they’ve also got a keen eye for what buyers in your area are looking for. If your home is one amongst many in your area on the market too, then property styling can also help your home to stand out in the crowd!

    It’s inexpensive

    One of the myths about property styling is that it’s expensive – but considering your home is your biggest asset, it’s worth the investment! But, to make the process as risk-free for you as possible, with BOWERBIRD BLACK, we back ourselves to deliver a return on your investment by not charging you a cent until your property sells. This is our guarantee of success! 

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