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    14 January 2022

    How to create a space your child will LOVE (and actually use!)

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    What kids like is truly a mystery. As soon as you think you’ve pinned down their favourite toy, character or colour, they go and grow up!

    Still, there are a few tried-and-true rules to creating a space children will love to spend time in, whether they are playing or learning. Here are a few of our interior styling tips! 

    Get hands-on

    Kinaesthetic learning is when children engage with information through physical activities, rather than just watching. You can entertain your child’s curiosity with tactile textures and sensory objects. Some good ones include blocks, jigsaw puzzles, abacuses and nesting dolls – and if you try to buy toys made of wood rather than plastic they are sure to last.

    Don’t forget colour

    Neutral tones are always sophisticated, but they aren’t the most stimulating for young minds. Make sure to add pops of colour in the furnishings which are most easy to switch out – cushions, throws and accent decor. That way you can easily redecorate their room as their tastes and favourite colours change.

    Let it get messy

    Kids make a mess when they’re having fun, and that’s just a fact of life. Make this a designated space where it’s not a big deal if it gets a bit unruly – but is equally not a big deal to tidy up. Perhaps you could invest in furniture that is easy to wipe clean and big storage crates or trunks to toss toys into at the end of playtime. Make the space carpet-free, if possible.

    Decorate with books

    We know it’s the age of the iPad, but don’t underestimate the magic of books. Stack shelves or even a feature wall with a range of classics and trending new releases – include some of your childhood favourites, too! Keep an eye out in bookstores and second-hand shops for editions with unique covers or spines. 

    Involve your kids

    The best way to ensure your children love the space is to create it with them. Talk about their interests and favourite things, offer options and even let them help redecorate. Depending on their age, they could help you look for ideas either in-store and online. This will help them feel like the room is truly special and their own.

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