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    19 November 2021

    The interior trends we just can’t get into (sorry)

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    Are you ever scrolling through Instagram, or flicking through a magazine, when you stumble across interior trends that make you say… WHAT.

    Interior trends, as fun and exciting as they may be, can sometimes err on the wacky side. You’ve got the shag carpets of the 70s, the chintzy florals of the 80s, the inflatable furniture of the 90s (that may be the worst one yet). And even now, there are a few interior trends that leave us scratching our heads. Keep in mind, this is just our opinion – you do you!

    Silver everything

    A pop of metallic here and there is a beautiful touch. But when you have a silver crushed velvet sofa (complete with diamante studs), a silver-accented glass coffee table, and silver accessories that could rival a disco ball… this amount of opulence can have the opposite effect of looking cheap. 

    Chequerboard kitchen floors

    For the certain retro-loving homeowner, black and white chequerboard floors may be a perfect fit. But not everyone wants their kitchen to look like a 50s roller diner. Plus, the more dizzying a pattern on your floors, the harder to find versatile furniture that doesn’t clash. This trend just isn’t for us!

    Nautical (just no…)

    We LOVE a coastal-inspired scheme, with sandy-hued rattan, sea shells and subtle shades of blue. That’s as far as it goes – we don’t want to see steering wheels, navy stripes or ships in a bottle. That’s just our personal taste, but if you’re not super passionate about seafaring there’s a high chance you could also get ‘seasick’ of it.

    Rae Dunn

    You may be familiar with Rae Dunn (or Rae Dunn-inspired) home decor if you’ve seen it in department stores or online. Typically, the designs are simple white kitchenware with skinny lettering on the front, such as a coffee mug emblazoned with the word ‘COFFEE’. Like Beanie Babies, this seems to be a fad that promises to make a profit if you collect them all… but don’t be surprised if they go out of fashion just as quickly.

    Coloured ceilings

    There’s nothing wrong with a coloured ceiling, but it doesn’t work for every home. Keeping your walls and ceilings one colour (white or cream) usually helps the space feel brighter and more open. And why wouldn’t you want that?

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