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    28 June 2021

    Why you don’t love your home anymore

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    When you move into a new home, you go through a honeymoon phase.

    That’s the time when you love everything about your home, right down to the little details. Everything is new and exciting, carefree and fun. You could happily spend every night in – and you love inviting friends over to share the joy.

    But as time passes, your home doesn’t inspire you the same way it once did. Here are some reasons why you’re getting bored of your home – and how to fall in love with it again.

    Waste of space

    You may have all the ingredients for a perfect home, but they are just being used in the wrong way. Spatial planning is so important in interior styling, not only for making your home more functional, but also easier on the eyes. You may be surprised how different your home looks and feels simply by moving furniture instead of buying something new. If you’re one of many who pushes furniture up against the wall, we challenge you to float it towards the centre of the room – contrary to popular belief, this can actually make more space and better traffic flow.

    Wear and tear

    The reality of furniture getting cheaper and cheaper is that it shows. Things just aren’t made like they used to be! The furniture you once loved may be showing serious signs of wear and tear, particularly if you have kids or pets. Sometimes this can be fixed with a little ingenuity – such as fabric sofa covers or polishing up scratches. But be ready to accept that your furniture is just past its prime. If it is causing functional issues – a broken bed or uncomfy chairs, for example – it’s time to invest in new styling.

    Behind the trends

    Interior stylists usually opt for modern but classic styles that will stay looking fresh for many years to come, but it can be tricky to choose this for yourself without the experience. We’ve all fallen victim to an interior fad or two! While they can be exciting at first, like a summer fling, trends go out of fashion as quickly as they arrive. If your furniture is already appearing dated, try to replace it with classic silhouettes and neutral colours.

    Fall in love with your home again

    If you identify with anything here, you might want to make the investment in professional interior styling for your home. Our service Styled to Keep refreshes and reinvigorates your home by filling it with beautifully curated brand new furniture pieces you keep forever. And we only select the best quality pieces, meaning your home will look polished and stylish for many years to come. If you’re interested in styling your home, get in touch! You can either call us on 02 9531 2233 or use the contact form to set up an initial call and free consultation.

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