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    1 January 2021

    7 interior styling New Year’s resolutions you should make

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    There’s nothing like a New Year’s resolution to motivate you towards kicking some goals!

    We’re not talking gym memberships either. We’ve put together a list of interior styling New Year’s resolutions to help make your home – and your life – better. And, like all good resolutions, these are actionable goals you can work on all year round. New year, new home!

    1. Refresh your home

    Is 2021 the right year for you to make an investment on your home? Hiring an interior stylist is an easy way of increasing the value of your property, whether you are planning to sell or simply want to live in a home that inspires you every day. Interior styling is less expensive than you might think and usually takes just a day to install, so it’s worth thinking about whether you’d like to upgrade your home this year. (P.S. Consults are free!)

    2. Do a big declutter

    Cleaning is often necessary after a big NYE celebration, but we’re talking about a bigger operation. Decluttering is the easiest and cheapest way to improve the look and feel of your home by storing or getting rid of anything you don’t need. This can be a big task, so check out our spring cleaning list and take things one day at a time.

    3. Learn about styling

    Maybe 2021 is the year you learn a new skill? In that case, we’ve got the perfect thing for you: BOWERBIRD Life Styling: Introduction to Interiors. Our online mini-course is for any interior enthusiast who wants to know the industry secrets behind beautiful styling, and learn some tips for putting it into practice. 

    4. Go green

    It’s more important than ever to make choices that help, not damage, our planet. Make it your resolution this year to make your home more environmentally friendly, such as buying energy-saving light bulbs, choosing natural materials and filling your home with oxygenating houseplants. Better for you and Mother Earth!

    5. Find your colour

    Don’t just choose your favourite colour – the hue you choose can actually have a big impact on your mood. Read up on colour psychology and select a shade that reflects your personality. We don’t recommend painting your walls a rainbow, but inject pops of colour in your furniture and particularly accessories.

    6. Get inspired

    Maybe you don’t know exactly how you want to transform your home this year. In that case, start small by following interior stylists on social media for inspiration. Instagram and Pinterest are great places to start. Save your favourite shots and compile it into an online scrapbook so you can get your styling perfect.

    7. Take a risk

    Always wanted to restyle your home? Thinking about that slightly avant-garde table setting you didn’t know if you could pull off? Take a risk in 2021 and simply go for what makes you happy.

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