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    18 October 2021

    Keep your interior styling fresh after we’ve left

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    A good interior designer can style your home so it stays modern yet classic for many years to come.

    Still, we are all partial to a little change of scenery from time to time. Plus, as the years go on, everyday wear and tear are bound to happen to even the most immaculately styled home. Here are just a few ways to keep your interior styling fresh after we’ve styled your home.

    Keep on top of repainting

    It doesn’t matter how careful you are, walls are bound to get blemished with time. Cover up any scratches and scuff marks with a fresh paint job. How often you need to repaint depends on the room and your lifestyle. For example, kids’ bedrooms can do with a paint job every two years (thanks to their propensity to use walls as a canvas). But living rooms and dining rooms can last up to seven years, especially if you don’t have children or pets.

    Update finishes and fixtures

    Metalware is also prone to scratches and scuff marks. This can usually be taken care of with a little polish and elbow grease, but you may find it a better use of your time to simply replace old taps, faucets, handles and lighting fixtures. Plus, it will be a good excuse to upgrade these finishes with trendy matte black or copper.

    Switch up soft furnishings

    A good sofa or bed can last many years with decent care, and our stylists typically choose a neutral colour and style so it will remain timeless. Though, you may find yourself wanting to change things up with changes in season, trends and your personal taste. Throw cushions and blankets are an easy and inexpensive way to put your stamp on our styling.

    Grow an indoor garden

    You can never have too many house plants – there, we said it. Greenery not only purifies the air but also helps keep your home looking fresh. Pop a statement yucca in the living room, humidity-thriving aloe in the bathroom, a herb garden on your kitchen windowsill… just for example.

    Start an art collection

    We will decorate your home with a selection of artworks, choosing from photographic prints to abstract graphics to inspiring quotes. But as you grow into your home, you may want to add to this collection with something more personal. And who knows, your art finds may be quite valuable someday!

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