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    9 November 2020

    7 signs you’re obsessed with interiors

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    Are you obsessed with interiors? Falling for furniture? Dreaming in Pantone colour?

    There’s nothing wrong with having a little infatuation with interior design (take it from us). But if you think you might be obsessed with interiors, here are some signs to look out for. And hang out til the end of the article, when we tell you why your interior obsession is going to come in handy!

    1. You have an interiors Pinterest board

    Or a scrapbook or Instagram interiors account. Whether you prefer to collate your inspirations online or off, you are constantly on top of the latest interior trends. Bonus points if you categorise your inspo by room (yep, we do it too – you can check out our Pinterest here). 

    2. You’re constantly collecting decor

    It’s hard for you to go to Ikea, Target, boutique stores, the local op shop without walking away with something to decorate your home. You have more throw cushions and candles than you care to admit, but obviously you need more (in fact, there’s probably a scented candle you already have your eye on).

    3. Your favourite show is The Block

    And you’ve been known to shout at the contestants through the TV. In fairness, that salmon bedspread did NOT go with the carpet, and feature walls were so five years ago! 

    4. You visit nicely styled buildings just for the ‘gram

    You have a supernatural ability to know the latest cafés, restaurants and hotels with gorgeous styling. You also tend to drag your friends along with you to visit these chic new haunts (well, someone has to take the photos for your interiors Instagram, right?).

    5. You can’t help arranging friends’ homes

    Your bestie might not realise that her chunky vase doesn’t go next to her delicate candle holder, but you know it doesn’t look quite right. By the time you’ve finished visiting, her throw pillows have been strangely rearranged too…

    6. And you’re itching to restyle your home

    Your walls could do with an extra coat of paint and your sofa could do with an upgrade. And don’t even mention the state of your bed linen! You’re waiting for an excuse to splash out and redo the entire thing (only time and budget is getting in your way).

    7. You’re reading this article

    And if you’ve made it this far, we have a treat for you! Our online interiors mini course, Life Styling: Introduction to Interiors, aims to give anybody the basic skills to style their own home. Whether you’re a styling beginner or a passionate interior hobbyist, you’ll benefit from 17 modules blending design theory and practical advice, created by a team of expert stylists from Australia’s leading interiors brand (that’s us!). Go on, put your interiors obsession to good use and transform your home!

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