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    31 January 2022

    Interiors DO make a difference to your life: here’s how

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    A beautiful home isn’t just about the aesthetics. Perhaps not what you’d expect to read from an interior design blog, but it’s true.

    In fact, the way a home looks is almost secondary to how it makes you feel – and we say almost because these two concepts are intrinsically linked. We may style properties which have the wow factor, but it extends past looking pretty in photographs. In fact, interior design can have life-changing benefits for homeowners. Here’s why.

    Interior design can improve your health

    We spend so much of our lives at home, but we seldom ask if our homes are the healthiest they can be. Some lifestyle factors which affect our health include poor air quality, lack of sunlight, stress and sleep issues. Believe it or not, the right interiors can help with all of these. Stylists are skilled at creating open air and light flow, minimising allergens and creating calm, mindful spaces.

    Interior design can make you happier

    Mental health is complex, but it’s no secret that our surroundings can have an impact on our mood. If you’re in a dark room all day you may feel lower than usual, while your stress centres might be frazzled if you spend too much time around clutter. Interior designers want to create a space that feels, as much as it’s a cliché, like home. Comforting, inspiring, relaxing – where you can be entirely yourself.

    Interior design can help you work from home

    Many of us are well-acquainted with working from home now, but we also know that can come with distractions. It’s said that interior design can increase productivity by up to 20 percent, so it’s not something to ignore for your home office. Designers can help you focus by eliminating clutter, selecting ergonomic desks and chairs, and mixing a colour palette of mood-enhancing hues.

    Interior design makes socialising better

    An active social life is a key ingredient to a full and happy life. Interior design can help with that by creating spaces that are perfect for entertaining. Whether it’s making an expansive dining room for dinner parties, a comfy living room suite for long movie nights, or an open outdoor area for summer bbqs, stylists can create a home you’ll love to invite guests to.

    We can help transform your home

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