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    6 August 2021

    5 interior decor ideas for a child-friendly space

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    Children and interior design aren’t always concepts that go together.

    But rest assured, children present lots of opportunities for fun, playful, styling. Want to foster an inspiring, creating environment? Here are five interior decor ideas you can try with your little ones!

    1. Framing children’s artworks

    Expensive artworks are nice to have but nothing will touch your heart as much as one made by your own child. Instead of magneting your favourite scribbles and paintings to the fridge, why not go the extra mile and showcase it in a good-quality frame. This will give your child’s room a personal touch that’s much more pleasing on the eyes than Blu-tacked posters.

    2. Books as decor

    This is one situation where you should judge a book by its cover. Hardcover storybooks make charming decor displayed in bookcases and on floating shelves. Scour your local bookshop or secondhand store for fabric and embossed covers for an extra special touch. Another bonus is it will encourage kids to read!

    3. Shy away from white fabric

    From sticky fingers to accidents with permanent markers, we all know that kids and pure white fabric don’t mix. But just consider it your opportunity to experiment with brighter, bolder colours and patterns. Look for timeless prints that your child won’t age out of too quickly (sorry, Peppa Pig).

    4. Opt for soft furnishings

    It’s in kids’ nature to run around like wild things, and bumping into hard edges and sharp corners is sure to leave a bruise. Instead, look for furniture with rounded edges and softer finishes. Swap your wicker accent chair for a velvet seat, or choose an ottoman with hidden storage over a glass coffee table. These simple steps will help make your home more child-friendly – and make much better pillow forts.

    5. Designate play zones

    Adults also need their own space to relax – and what’s good for you is good for the whole family. It’s a good idea to designate areas of the house for kids to play, including the child’s bedroom and rumpus room, and make other areas off-limits (if possible!). That will make it much easier to tidy away toys at the end of the day, and if you invest in smart storage solutions such as an ottoman bed, clearing clutter will be a breeze.

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