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    6 January 2020

    Inspiration alert: Let us INSPIRE you

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    What does INSPIRATION mean to us?

    Since the beginning, our purpose has always been to “create inspiration”. BOWERBIRD homes spark the imagination, from your practical needs to your most aspirational dreams. We draw inspiration from architecture, surroundings, materials and, importantly, your unique lifestyle. Taking inspiration from life to capture homes you can see yourself living in – for life.


    What does INSPIRATION mean to you?

    It could be so many things. It could be what gets you up in the morning, what gets you through the day, what drives you to write that paper, or what compels you to put those finishing touches in that spare room! Whatever it may be, we say embrace it. We find inspiration in the smallest things (the detail some may say).


    Where do our stylists find inspiration?

    KATIE: I love the colour trends right now. Everything is inspired by earthy tones like burnt oranges, khaki, neutrals and millennial pinks. This trend is being spotted across fashion, interiors, and in art or photography. Designers are exploring this trend by using raw, natural materials to complement the earthy notes.

    MADELEINE: For me it pretty simple, I’m inspired by the things I choose to surround myself with. From fashion and music to nature and Instagram (of course) – but mostly I’m inspired by the creatives around me, we have a super talented team and we’re always sparking off each other. It’s the best kind of inspiration because it’s inspired by human contact (and friends).

    CLAUDIA: It’s all about light and the beach. Growing up on the coast means that coastal inspiration is ingrained into my DNA. The colours, the smell, the tactile feel of sand between your toes – I’ve got a smile plastered on my face just thinking about it. I want to bottle that feeling and translate it into my work, I want my client to feel what I feel.

    ALLY: Living in the inner-west, I can’t help but be a bit of a moody palette fan (no, that’s not entirely reflective of my personality). I just love the boldness of darker tones and the impact you can make in a home with just a few big statements. I’m also a huge family person (inspired by my Lebanese heritage and big-hearted family) – I am hugely inspired by my clever little cousins – kids look at the world in such a different light. We could do with more child-like creativity.


    But at the end of the day…

    What inspires us most isn’t trade magazines or Pinterest boards or what other interior designers are doing. It’s the people in our lives – their dreams, desires, needs, plans, practicalities. We do it for you… to inspire your best life.

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