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    29 May 2020

    6 simple ways to increase property value with styling

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    Did you know good styling is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase property value? 

    We know a lot about that – 95% of BOWERBIRD styled properties have achieved a successful return on investment. Over the years, we’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade that will help increase property value and blow your potential buyers away.

    1. A fresh coat of paint 

    This one comes first for a reason – it’s a must-do! A new coat of paint does wonders to increase property value as it makes your home look and feel brand new (even if it isn’t). It’s important to get the colour right, so as a general rule opt for a light neutral with an undertone that matches your home’s features.

    2. Down to an art

    Artwork makes a room pop and looks amazing in real estate photos online! Rooms can end up looking quite bare in online photos without the addition of some artwork. Plus, potential buyers always remember the home with the unique artwork over the one with plain walls.

    3. It’s only neutral

    Trust us: always choose a predominantly neutral colour scheme. Neutral colours appeal to more buyers, while statement colours tend to polarise people (not everyone wants a tomato-red kitchen). Even our vibrant Hues Design Direction has a neutral base.

    4. Make your bed 

    A well-dressed bed is an easy way to sell the idea of luxe living to your potential buyers. Our stylists layer up cushions and throw rugs to create this cosy feeling. Here’s another trick: iron the linen once the bed has been made so it looks impeccably perfect for your photos and viewings. 

    5. Shapes and sizes

    Balance and scales are such important style principles to get right – but once you do, your home will leave a much more striking first impression. Our warehouse is filled with hundreds of furniture pieces of differing shapes, styles and sizes, allowing our stylists to select a piece that is the perfect size for your space. Make sure to take accurate measurements before shopping for furniture so you don’t end up with a scale fail.

    6. All in the detail

    Accessorising a home is the fun part, but it’s also a vital step to increase property value. After all, this is the part where all styling elements are pulled together to create a cohesive look. Importantly, it’s about creating “moments” that inspire an emotional connection with potential buyers. It’s the plates on the dining table and the book on the bedside table that really lets potential buyers to envisage themselves living in the space. Emotions sell!

    Get more this May and June when you style your home for sale! You’ll receive 10 weeks for the price of 4 – Plus FREE Photography, Floor plan & 3D Virtual Tour. Drop us a line by filling in the form and we’ll be in contact soon. If you’re after some expert styling or just want some more information, fill in the form below to get in contact.

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