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    17 January 2020

    How to style a shelf like a designer

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    If you style a shelf, you could make a statement, but sometimes it’s for all the wrong reasons.

    Nobody wants to see your cleaning products on display. An open shelf should be reserved for all those aesthetically pleasing little bits and pieces that you’ve picked up over the years. If you’re a little lost, never fear, we have compiled a few top tips to help you style a shelf like a designer. 


    1. Measure twice, style once 

    There’s nothing worse than picking an accessory you love and bringing it home only to find that it doesn’t fit on the shelf. Be sure of the depth and height of your shelves before getting your heart set on a gorgeous styling piece.


    1. Variety is the spice of life

    Make sure your styling pieces vary in shape and size. Too many round, organic items can look kiddish. On the other hand, too many linear or geometric shapes can come off as rigid or harsh. Keep your eyes happy by striking a happy visual balance between soft and hard pieces. Think ceramic curved bowls next to a stack of books. 


    1. Layer up

    Don’t forget to layer! Place items on top of each other to create groups. Top stylist tips: our eyes are drawn to these little vignettes. Group items of different colours, textures and contrast. With this added visual depth, your shelf will start to tell its own story. 


    1. More than a feeling

    Texture is so important in making a space feel warm and homey. If you’ve ever walked into a room and had the feeling that it’s a bit ‘clinical’ and ‘cold’, it probably lacked texture (or maybe it was just a doctor’s office!). Use items like baskets or timber accessories, or you could even add stacked cushions if your shelf is big enough.


    1. Easy being green

    Plants bring a shelf to life! We like to add hanging plants like devil’s ivy or string of hearts succulents (and they’re hardy plants that don’t need much water). Allowing them to hang down between levels stops shelves feeling so separate, creating a cohesive overall look.


    1. Make negative a positive

    Was it Coco Chanel who said to take one thing off before leaving the house? Well, it’s the same for your interiors. Overcrowding a shelf can result in items getting lost (both visually and physically). Leave some negative space to allow your best styling pieces to stand out.

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