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    27 August 2021

    How to style: a man cave

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    A man cave is a designated sanctuary in the home for men to hang out.

    Often a converted garage or spare room, a man cave serves as a place to be alone or with friends, relax with a football game or partake in hobbies. Stereotypically, it’s also the only place in the home where women don’t have any say over the interior design and can be quite different from the other rooms!

    Well, we reckon that man caves get too much of a bad rap for being messy, tacky spaces. The modern man cave can be both fun AND stylish. Here are some tips for making it your own.

    Leather furniture

    Leather is one of the most masculine textiles with its structured and simple aesthetic. A leather armchair, sofa or ottoman will add a touch of class to any man cave. And, as a bonus, it’s one of the easiest fabrics to wipe clean.

    Deeper hues

    Even if you have a light design direction throughout the rest of the home, you can get a little more adventurous with darker tones and hues. After all… it is a man cave. Some recommended colours to try are navy, burgundy and burnt umber. Just make sure to invest in good lighting so it’s not too den-like.

    Install a bar

    For those who fancy a drink, no man cave is complete without a bar. Whether mounted on the wall, built-in as a cabinet or set up as a portable cart or trolley, this makes a stylish addition. Glass bottles of liquor also double as decor.

    Games centrepiece

    Imagine inviting your mates around and having a games table set up ready to play. You could set up a cards table, chess or checkers, ping-pong, air hockey, or even foosball. But we’re personally partial to a classic game of billiards.

    Hobbies as decor

    Showcase your hobbies as a pride-of-place accessory. Hang a guitar or favourite record on the wall, put a signed football shirt in a frame, show off your woodworking craft. Make it a man cave you are proud of!

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