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    26 November 2021

    How to spring clean your interior design

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    Spring cleaning isn’t just about dusting off the shelves. 

    It’s also about getting a fresh perspective and a new lease on life, and right now is the perfect time to do that. Here’s how interior design can help you feel like new.

    Let in the sun

    Vitamin D is in short supply during the winter months, so spring is your opportunity to get reacquainted with our friend, the Sun. Replace heavy drapes with sheer curtains and wipe windows clean to make sure your home is flooded with natural light. You’ll be feeling brighter in no time.

    Everything in its place

    A disorganised home goes hand in hand with a frazzled state of mind – and we’ve all been in a situation where we can’t find our keys, wallet or phone as we’re late to leave the house. Avoid these late-minute stresses by designating a place for your belongings. A trinket bowl by your front door never goes amiss.

    Go natural

    If you can, donate or recycle your cheaply made furniture for ones made with natural materials. As these often last longer, it’s worth the investment… not to mention you’ll be benefiting your health and the planet by cutting down on microplastics. 

    Make a calm space for yourself

    Sometimes it’s hard to get a minute to ourselves, particularly if we have demanding jobs or families. A space of your own to be present everyday can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. This will be up to what makes you feel content, but we say you can’t go wrong with lots of soft pillows, scented candles and calming colours. 

    Be intentional

    Sometimes we interior designers love getting rid of things just as much as we love putting things in. If it’s not functional, or to borrow from queen Marie Kondo “sparking joy”, consider whether it really has a place in your home. You don’t have to part with items immediately, but perhaps put them in closed storage until you can decide.

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