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    10 July 2020

    How to deal with the junk drawer

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    Junk – we all know it well, for some of us too well. But so often, we don’t have the time or effort to deal with it. 

    And, what do we do with accumulated junk that we don’t have time to deal with? We throw it in a drawer to deal with another time. Over time, it gets so out of hand that even opening that drawer full of cables, old batteries and other miscellaneous will be enough to raise blood pressure.

    Sound familiar? Hey, it happens to the best of us. We’re braving the scary task and tackling that junk drawer once and for all. Here’s how to get rid of the junk, stay on top of it, and keep your drawer nicely organised for good.

    Do an extreme declutter

    Repeat after us: “I don’t need everything in my junk drawer”. The first step is to declutter the trash from the junk. Empty out the drawer and separate everything into itemised piles so you can see what you use and what you don’t. If it’s broken or useless, send retire it for good!


    Sort out what’s left over

    One way to keep your junk drawer organised is to delegate specific spots for groups of items. A place for tech, another for spare keys, another for important docs, and so on. It will look a lot better and also minimise the risk of frantically looking for your passport the day of your flight (how were you to know it was hidden under the craft supplies?).

    Try creative storage solutions

    There are some pretty handy creative storage solutions out there. Do some research and implement some solutions that work for you. Some of our favourite ideas are sectional draw organisers, rubber bands or hair elastics to organise the cables, and muffin tins for those loose bits and bobs. 


    Take it one day at a time

    A build-up of clutter over months or even years can be overwhelming to tidy up all at once. Once you’ve cleared your clutter, remember to put things away day by day to stop things from getting out of hand. If you notice your junk drawer starting to overflow, it’s time to return to step one.

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