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    16 May 2022

    The secrets of styling a five-star hotel

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    A five-star hotel experience is easy to enjoy but difficult to create.

    Before the impeccable service and tasty continental breakfast, the first thing you have to get right is the hotel room styling. Creating bespoke styling for hospitality businesses is something we’re experienced in, so without further ado, here are some of our top tips for styling a five-star hotel that keeps guests wanting to come back.

    Formal stylings

    A five-star hotel should always feel a little more special than your average home. For a formal aesthetic, try opulent colours, velvety fabrics and symmetrical styling. You really can’t go too fancy – unlike other interior projects, guests aren’t looking for a home away from home, but a lavish place where they can take a break from their everyday lives. 

    The perfect hotel bed

    Here’s a hotel industry secret: triple sheeting. Once you’ve put down your fitted sheet, layer with an unused flat sheet and a duvet or blanket. Then finish with a perfectly ironed top sheet. The result is a fluffy, bouncy bed with crisp corners. Of course, the best quality bed linen and pillows will also add to the effect, making a bed that gives hotel guests a great night’s sleep.

    Bright lights

    Bright, warm lighting is essential to a five-star experience, so the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure each light is working efficiently and swap out any dim bulbs. It’s also a good opportunity to upgrade light fixtures to something a little fancier. Depending on the style of the hotel, it could be anything from a minimalist-chic bedside table lamp, to a crystal-covered chandelier.

    Luxury toiletries

    Hotel toiletries have a reputation for being poor quality. When styling a hotel bathroom, we’ll only reach for premium products for hand soap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. By choosing natural and aromatherapeutic products, you ensure your guest’s stay feels luxurious.

    Put down a rug

    Rugs and carpets are less common in modern homes as they require more upkeep than hardwood floors. That’s why it’s a luxurious experience to have one in your hotel room. We like to pick out a neutral-toned rug with a thick, long pile that feels gorgeous to walk on. 

    Need an upgrade?

    If you’re looking to take your interiors up a notch, we have the solution. From design ideation, furniture sourcing to delivery and styling, we’ll help you transform your hotel into a five-star experience. Call us on 02 9531 2233 or use the contact form to set up a free consultation.

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