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    24 December 2021

    Host a Christmas to remember: 6 quick things you can do before your guests arrive

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    The final rush is on! Christmas is well and truly here.

    Are you hosting Christmas this year? You might not have time to redecorate your entire entertaining space around a Christmas theme, but a few little styling tweaks here and there will bring plenty of festive cheer. 

    1. Create a bauble wall feature

    Have you amassed quite a collection of baubles over the years? Making feature wall decor is easy with a pinboard or wire frame. The more random the assortment, the better.

    2. When in doubt, candles

    This is a tip for any event – light a few scented candles for an instant cosy vibe that will take you from day to night. It’s one way to get that classic Christmas aesthetic even in a sunburnt country. Bonus if you find scented candles in fancy holders.

    3. Whip up some name tags

    Name tags are great for practical reasons – making sure everyone is sat next to someone they can talk to! – but they also add a touch of sophistication to your Christmas dinner. Save money by cutting some out from old cards, wrapping paper or gifts. This could be a fun activity if you have kids. 

    4. Line the table with paper

    Don’t have a festive tablecloth at the ready? Instead, use a roll of brown craft paper to add a rustic, hip vibe. With a Sharpie or chalk markers, you can customise it with your own hand-drawn table settings and festive sketches. At the end of the day, you don’t even need to put it in the wash.

    5. Decorate your houseplants

    Green is one of the most festive colours, and you don’t have to stop with your Christmas tree. This a great opportunity to showcase your houseplants – and hanging some baubles off them is delightfully tongue-in-cheek. 

    6. Go nuts with fairy lights

    This is the one time of year that you can use fairy lights with abandon. If you have any last-minute worries about your home not being festive enough, simply hang a few more strings up to make your decor sparkle. Hot tip: always put warm-toned fairy lights inside and cool fairy lights outside.

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