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    20 February 2022

    10 lessons Homesellers learn from their first sale

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    Homesellers go through a lot of emotions with their first sale – excitement, fear, confusion…

    But the more information and resources you have, the easier the process and better the result. Here are ten lessons about selling property that you should know.

    1. Don’t go it alone

    Do you need an agent to sell your home? No. But does it help? Yes! Agents are also highly experienced and knowledgeable about market trends, target demographics. Their fees basically pay for themselves in getting the best possible price for your property. And you won’t have to deal with the headache of learning how to do it yourself.

    2. Hire a property stylist

    Agents also agree that property styling can help you get a better price – up to 12.5%, which is nothing to sneeze at! It’s universally acknowledged in the industry that staged homes sell faster, for higher returns. At BOWERBIRD, we make this process as seamless as possible, installing typically in a few hours and offering Pay Later options.

    3. A little reno goes a long way

    Not all homes need renovation, but for those with dated or damaged surfaces, it can make all the difference. A new paint job is a simple and inexpensive way to refresh a property, while hardwood floors are a must-have for the modern market.

    4. Detach yourself emotionally

    Sometimes it can be hard to part with your home and the memories you’ve made there, but this sentiment can seriously put off buyers. Put any personal items into storage – especially photographs – and don’t hang around during the viewings.

    5. Set a realistic price

    One of the biggest mistakes is pricing yourself out of the market. But rest assured, an experienced and knowledgeable agent won’t let that happen!

    6. Accommodate viewers

    You will be more likely to win over buyers if you don’t force them to go by your schedule – another reason why hiring an agent is handy, as they will conduct viewings for you. It’s also essential that all viewings abide by COVID-19 guidelines, for everyone’s comfort and safety. 

    7. Pay for pro cleaning

    The difference professional cleaning makes on a buyer’s first impression is invaluable. They will get into every last spot of dust and grime, leaving your home looking and smelling fresh.

    8. Rethink “improvements”

    A swimming pool isn’t the big drawcard some people may think it is, so don’t install one just for the sale. Also, resist the temptation to install a brand new fridge, water boiler, clothes dryer, etc. This is often a decision the new homeowners want to make on their own. 

    9. Be prepared to move out

    Sometimes sales can take a while to finalise, but if you have the right team behind you – agents, stylists, conveyancers – you could be moving out sooner than you think. So have your affairs in order well before signing that dotted line, including removals and tieing up any loose ends such as energy or council tax contracts.

    10. Stop to enjoy the moment

    Whether it’s the magic of seeing your home transformed by stylists, or the rush of getting your first offer, make sure to take it all in!

    Need the wow factor for your property?

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