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    7 April 2021

    Love at first sight: how to make homebuyers fall in love

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    Some people say that love at first sight doesn’t exist, but perhaps they’ve never seen a prospective homebuyer’s eyes light up upon stepping into their dream home.

    Make no mistake – the right styling is what compels homebuyers to put in an offer quickly, and in many cases, even be willing to pay more. Property styling or staging allows your home to shine in its best light, and allow the buyers to visualise living in the space. 

    And we have the numbers to back it up: 95% of our Homeseller properties have achieved a successful return on investment. Here are just a few things we’ve learned along the years about striking an emotional connection with homebuyers. 

    First impressions are everything

    We’re all about detail and so are homebuyers. You should be putting your best foot forward from the get-go. For example, entrances are surprisingly one of the most neglected spaces of listed properties. Although it’s not somewhere people spend a lot of time, it’s the very first impression. It doesn’t take much to spruce up your entranceway with a console table, statement artwork or flowers.

    Tell a story with styling

    One of the big problems we see with home styling jobs is the lack of connection from room to room. This makes it a disjointed and confusing experience for the buyer. Our stylists make sure to tie everything in, whether it be with the Design Direction, colour theme, textures or an artwork motif. This helps give a tangible sense of the home.

    Right on target

    One thing you don’t want to do is try to impress everyone – you won’t get anywhere broadly styling for all demographics when really your city loft apartment is perfect for young professionals, for example. While never being too niche, property stylists are experts at determining the target market of your property and making it relevant to that audience.

    Declutter your life

    Unless otherwise specified, stylists will strip out practically everything before your home goes on the market and replace it all with modern high-quality furniture and accessories. As with many things, less is more – a decluttered home is much easier to fall in love with. We won’t completely fill shelves or storage spaces to give the feeling of more space. You’d be surprised how even the quaintest of homes can look spacious with the right styling.

    A home should feel like a home

    Too often we step into professionally staged properties… and it looks like a professionally staged property. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. Our stylists will always aim for a casual vibe so homebuyers feel as comfortable as possible walking through the space. Sometimes it’s as simple as draping a throw over a chair or leaving a glass of water and an open book on the bedside. These little details are essential to helping your buyers envision their lives in the property.

    Are you selling? Property styling is worth the investment. Get in touch at or 02 9531 2233, or use the contact form, and one of our qualified stylists will be in touch to organise a free consultation.

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