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    8 March 2021

    How much does a home stylist cost in Sydney?

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    Hiring a home stylist might seem like one of those luxuries that you can never really justify.

    You might be surprised how many Homeowners are now opting for interior design packages, whether it be reinvigorating outdated interiors or adding personality to a new property purchase. If you’re considering hiring a home stylist for your Sydney property, don’t be afraid of the cost – it could be much more affordable than you think.

    Every home is different

    This is an ethos we live by when it comes to styling, but it’s also true of pricing. We know that a penthouse suite will have different needs and budgets from a family home, or a one-bedroom apartment, and so on. When you enquire about Styled to Keep, our qualified stylists will set up a free home visit consultation to discuss your objectives, including your budget. Then we’ll send a bespoke proposal with the Design Direction, furniture breakdown and total project fee. Every project will have a different cost as it’s tailored to the furniture pieces and decor items specifically chosen to suit your lifestyle and style preference.

    What we can guarantee is complete transparency in our project cost – which means no hourly rates and no surprises. You know what you’re paying for from the get-go and we harbour any additional time involved in making sure you’re happy with your newly styled home. That’s our commitment to you. 

    Styling is an investment

    We often talk about how home stylists can help increase the sales price of properties on the market. But interior design packages are also worth the investment for a home you’re not planning to sell (at least not in the immediate future). At BOWERBIRD Interiors, we hand-pick timeless and high-quality furniture pieces from a number of leading Australian suppliers which will last for many years to come.

    Opt to Pay Later

    We understand that hiring a home stylist can sometimes be a considerable cost to pay upfront. We now offer Homeowners the option to Pay Later for your furniture and styling package! This allows you to go ahead with the home makeover you’ve always wanted, and have the flexibility to pay up to $50,000 over 12 interest-free instalments. Plus, if you need more time, you can also opt to extend your payment term beyond 12 months,  subject to an interest rate of 19.5%.

    Curious about exactly how much it would cost to style your home? Get in touch at or 02 9531 2233, or use the contact form, and one of our qualified stylists will be in touch to understand your styling needs to let you know.

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