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    21 March 2022

    What your home styling says about your personality

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    Everyone talks about the Myers-Briggs test and star signs, but you know what really tells you about a person? What their home looks like.

    What does your home say about you? Simply take our personality test, vetted by years of professionally styling people’s homes. Here are just a few of the most popular styles and their corresponding personality types!

    If your home is minimalist…

    You’re a highly organised, driven and ambitious person. Your schedule is highly structured, and so are your interiors! You thrive in an environment which quietens the chaos of the outside world and allows you to focus – clutter just gets in the way of your goals. One change you should make to your home is creating some comfortable corners where you can relax and leave work behind.

    If your home is coastal…

    You’re an easygoing person who likes nothing more than to chill out. In your downtime, you can often be found at the beach or on a hike, taking in the beauty of nature. You’re at your best in social situations like parties and team building where your energy makes everyone feel good. But you do have a tendency to procrastinate, so maybe it’s time to invest in a home office – luckily, blue is the colour of productivity.

    If your home is glamorous…

    You’re the type of person who has the work-life balance down – after a productive day at your job, you’ll indulge in prosecco with friends or just a relaxing session of Netflix on the couch. You realise your home is where you spend the most time, and as such, it’s your palace. Tick whatever may apply: marble counters, walk-in wardrobe, king-size bed. The only thing you need to watch out for is the touch of tackiness that can come with glam decor – switch out the rose golds and silvers for stylish matte black.

    If your home is cottagecore…

    You’re a creative person engaged in the arts – whether that’s for work or your hobbies. Your free-thinking personality is reflected in your home decor, which is a bit crafty and eclectic. Just be warned that when your creativity explodes, so does the mess. Some inventive storage solutions would go a long way in helping you stay on top of tidying up.

    If your home has no style… 

    You moved in, unpacked, and then life happened. Whether it’s a demanding job or family duties, you are far too busy to concern yourself with decor. But that’s where an interior designer can help.

    Our expert stylists are experienced in styling homes for every style and personality. Get in touch at or 02 9531 2233, or use the contact form and our team will be in touch to organise a free consultation.

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