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    20 August 2021

    What’s your favourite interior style?

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    Having interiors that reflect your personality is what makes a property feel like a home. 

    It may look and sound easy, but the process of identifying your unique style can be overwhelming. There will be times when you will be overwhelmed by the options presented to you, and there will be times when you feel lost and unsure of what you want. To make things a bit easier, we’ve broken down a few well-known interior design styles and their respective personality traits. Which one do you relate to most? 

    Coastal / Hamptons

    The Hamptons or coastal style is one of the nation’s long-time favourites. It features cool, light, and breezy interiors. The decorations are inspired by the sea. The furniture pieces are often white, beige, or grey. This is perfect for homeowners who love living the coastal life and want to experience a relaxed and comfortable environment – just like a holiday home.


    Take modern interior design and make it simple and streamlined. Anything excessive, ornate, or flamboyant is removed. Here, you only have what you need and everything is functional. This interior styling is not only for those who embrace the minimalist lifestyle. This is also for those that want to create a beautiful room without having much, or for those who need to get rid of and manage clutter in their homes.


    Drawing inspiration from nature, rustic interiors make use of raw and unfinished building materials from the earth such as timber and stone. Think of a cabin with vaulted ceilings, timber beams, stone walls, metal accessories, timber floors, and warm lighting. This is perfect for anyone with unfussy tastes and wants to bring out the authentic beauty of natural materials. 

    Shabby Chic

    A style with feminine, soft, and delicate design elements. It is known for using antique and vintage furniture pieces that are often distressed. It follows a colour palette of whites, pastels, and creamy colours. This is fit for homeowners who like humble homes with a cottage vibe, where things are a little rumpled rather than prim.


    Another favourite highlights the beauty of unfinished and raw building materials. Imagine a warehouse with exposed brick and ductworks, high ceilings, and old timber flooring with metal light fixtures and a few furniture pieces to make it homely and special. This is fit for homeowners who celebrate raw, rugged, and a little vintage in their home design. We also see this interior styling being adapted by urban dwellers who live in converted buildings and show appreciation of the place’s history.

    Mid Century Modern

    This style takes you back to the mid-1900s with its fuss-free retro aesthetics. The furniture pieces are simple and always have natural organic shapes. Houses have massive windows that establish a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. Perfect for homeowners who prefer earthy yet groovy home interiors, and those who love the vibe of spaces featured in the hit TV show ‘Mad Men’.


    This style pays homage to the simplicity of the lifestyle of Nordic people. It is known for its white and grey colour palette with the incorporation of blonde timbers and natural fibres in the design. A top choice of homeowners who want a home that exudes comfort and relaxation.


    The traditional design will take you back in time with its classic design details, ornate luxurious furnishings, and abundant accessorising. This design is very elaborate and rich with pattern, texture, and details. This is for homeowners who like to show off their posh tastes and ornate interiors that age well. 


    First known as a fashion statement, boho interiors will let you experience a carefree lifestyle. This style features a lot of vintage items and informal furniture pieces (e.g. bean bags and floor pillows), rare décor from flea markets, souvenirs from travels, global textiles, and rugs. In short, this interior styling is for laid back individuals with a free spirit. This is for chic homeowners who indulge in a room filled with their curated finds, and for those who don’t shy away from rich patterns and colour combinations. 

    French Provincial

    Also known as French Country, this style will let you experience life in a farmhouse in France. It’s known for using warm, earthy colours. The style boasts the charming use of worn-out timber, heavy linens, thick bed coverings, precious porcelain dishes, ornate carvings, mouldings, and decorative wrought iron light fixtures. This is perfect for homeowners who adore classic sophisticated interiors, and those who want that country European, Paris-like vibe at home.

    Guest blog by Sarah McCahey from Superdraft.
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