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    30 September 2019

    5 DIY home ideas that are free (but feel expensive)

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    “If I only had lots of money, my house would be so nice!”

    Give us a dollar for every time we’ve heard that and we’d probably be able to buy a whole new office. Home improvement has a reputation for being costly – and that reputation honestly isn’t unfounded! If it’s your first re-do (if you’re getting ready to sell, for example) it’s pretty easy to run up the bills. 

    We’re big believers that expensive doesn’t always mean better and you can achieve luxury on any budget. Here are some easy and free DIY home ideas – that’s right, FREE!

    Photo op

    Nothing personalises your home like your own photos, so why not create a photo wall? Picture frames can rack up costs, but you can achieve the same effect by hanging photos with mini pegs and a bit of string.

    The perfect hotel bed

    Why are hotel beds so comfortable? The secret is triple sheeting. Once you’ve put down your fitted sheet, layer with an unused flat sheet and a doona or blanket. Then finish with a perfectly ironed top sheet. The result is a fluffy, bouncy bed with crisp corners.

    A day at the beach

    Coastal elements are trending in property styling and we love it! To make your home beachy on a budget, scavenge for hidden treasures in the sand. Keep an eye out for driftwood, bits of coral and conch shells – just make sure nothing is living inside!

    One jar, 100 ways

    Who would have thought little old jars would become such a decor staple? But don’t spend a cent on brand new fancy mason jars – simply wash out an old one. Ideas include a flower vase, desk organiser, utensil holder, spice rack, terrarium… the only limit is your imagination (and how many jars you own).

    Less is more

    As counterintuitive as it may seem, having less stuff can actually make your home appear more expensive. Embrace the minimalist chic trend by clearing the clutter and putting anything non-essential into storage. You’ll be surprised how much fresher and bigger everything looks!

    Increase your home’s value with property styling

    While budgeting is always wise, it’s also a great idea to invest in home improvement. At BOWERBIRD, 95% of the properties we’ve styled have achieved a successful return on investment. If you want to find out more and arrange a free consultation, drop us a line using the form below.

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