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    3 January 2022

    How to rejuvenate your space for the New Year

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    The New Year is the perfect time to clear out the clutter of 2021 and start afresh.

    It couldn’t be more needed! Studies have shown a link between clutter and stress, and how it can sometimes lead to unhealthy sleeping patterns. And since we can all fall into the trap of keeping too much clutter, here is a quick list of benefits of how decluttering your home can help clear your mind. 

    Learn the art of feng shui

    According to ancient Chinese wisdom, feng shui creates a positive energy flow to your home by fostering balance in your interiors, theoretically leading to better health, success and relationships. It’s a complex philosophy, but you can begin to implement feng shui by eliminating unnecessary clutter, which is said to drain good qi or energy. A good place to start is by getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve the purpose of the room. In a bedroom, everything should create a state of rest, in the kitchen satisfaction, the bathroom purity, and so on.

    Cut cleaning time

    If your cleaning takes hours to complete this could simply be because you have too much to clean. Not only will you feel a lot better without being cramped by clutter, but you’ll also cut down the time of dusting and cleaning all those extra surfaces. Take some time to sort through your belongings and decide what you want to keep, store, and throw away or donate. If that sounds like a mammoth task, invite friends to help over drinks and snacks. Plus, they may take some clutter off your hands, as one person’s trash is another’s treasure. 

    Create calm workspaces

    With the increase in working from home, it’s more important than ever to foster focus and productivity with a clean, orderly workspace. Keep loose leaves of paper organised in drawers and binders, or even start digitising your paperwork. Stationery can be sorted into pencil pots or cases, or drawers with divider inserts. And now is a good time to get rid of any unnecessary documents you’ve been holding onto or pens that have run out of ink.

    A place for everything

    Picture this: you’re running late for work and you can’t find your keys among the piles of clutter. Yep, we’ve all been there. With a systematic decluttering and reorganisation, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing where everything is at all times. Just make sure to always put things back in their “spot”. For example, your keys could sit in a ceramic tray on the console near your front door – and as a bonus, it’s also a stylish piece of decor.

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