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    12 August 2021

    Does colour really affect your mood?

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    Does colour affect mood? Short answer: yes.

    Long answer: Colour psychology is the theory that each colour has different meanings and can affect human behaviour (including your emotions!). You don’t need a qualification in colour psychology to start using colours for impactful interiors – simply follow this guide.


    We’ll start with BOWERBIRD’s favourite colour – white goes with everything, doesn’t it? Colour psychologists say white represents peace, cleanliness and a fresh start. Sounds like a good base colour for interiors to us.


    The polar opposite of white, black is supposed to represent sophistication, luxury and boldness. Therefore, you only need a few pops of black (or it will start to feel really heavy-handed). If you like to feel opulent – who doesn’t? – go for black accessories and artwork.


    Red is a power colour – it conjures up feelings of passion, intensity, love. Too much red, however, and it can start to make you feel angry and irritable. Best to use red in small doses, keeping to rich shades like burgundy (instead of bright tomato-red, which can tire your eyes after a while).


    We’re going to say orange is one of the least requested hues at BOWERBIRD. It might because, like bright red, many shades of orange are actually too energising to be surrounded with every day. That said, orange is a cheerful shade – we’d just recommend a more “rusty” tint. (We couldn’t find any examples of orange in our projects!)


    Have you ever heard that babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms? We don’t know if that’s true or not, but there is definitely something overstimulating about a room with too much yellow. That doesn’t mean you can’t add yellow here and there – we love a mustard-yellow cushion).


    Ah green, the colour of life! Yep, green hints at nature, serenity and good fortune, which are all great feelings when a styling a home. We personally think you can be more liberal with green – an emerald sofa, olive throw rug and, of course, plenty of house plants.

    Parkside Sanctuary Paddington | BOWERBIRD Interiors


    Dip into the cool and calming waters of this hue – blue! Like green, blue is a crowd-pleaser with connotations of productivity, peace and strength. It also happens to be one of the least appetising colours so try to avoid it in the kitchen.

    Piety Display Suites (Part I) | BOWERBIRD Interiors


    We think you either love or hate purple, the colour of royalty, wealth and spirituality. Lavenders and lilacs may be softer, but they tend to be a bit granny-ish, so opt for a bold aubergine cushion or armchair instead. (As we mentioned, purple is divisive, which may be why we don’t have any examples of it!)


    Calmness, sophistication and joy are associated with pink. The modern hues are muted enough to showcase in your home (yes, even for the guys!). Play on its softness by incorporating pink into the bedroom.

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