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    10 December 2021

    How to style: a Christmas tree

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    Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most satisfying and fun holiday traditions.

    And you can really put your personal stamp on your Christmas tree this year! Here are some tips to make sure yours is a true silly season showstopper.

    Invest in a good tree

    The natural vs artificial debate carries on every Christmas. Both cutting down trees for a couple of weeks’ decoration and buying a plastic tree are not very sustainable, but at least you can reuse a good quality artificial tree for many years. Plus, natural trees can be messy and irritate sensitive residents and pets. Just make sure to get out the measuring tape before making your purchase because there’s nothing worse than buying a tree that doesn’t fit.

    Pick a Christmas theme

    Christmas decorations come in all shapes and sizes, and that much choice can be overwhelming. To get started, choose a design theme or aesthetic to base your decorations around. If you prefer a more traditional look, you can go with red ribbons and gold baubles, or try a minimalist vibe with clean white and silver.

    Always decorate lights first

    It’s much more difficult to add fairy lights to your Christmas tree once it is already decked with boughs of holly. Starting from the trunk upwards, drape the lights in a zigzag pattern, making sure not to miss any branches. Warm white fairy lights go with every design scheme!

    Skip the tinsel

    There are many reasons why tinsel is going out of vogue with Christmas tree decorations. It’s usually single use, isn’t biodegradable and makes a big mess. Glittery baubles and fairy lights are shiny enough without draping your tree in cheap plastic.

    Raw and rustic

    The more flashy Christmas trees aren’t for everyone. If you prefer a rustic and cozy look, opt for decorations made from natural materials. We’re talking wooden ornaments and beads, hessian ribbons, pinecones and even dried slices of oranges. 

    Try an Aussie Christmas tree

    A growing trend in Australia is to hang decorations off a big branch of native trees such as eucalyptus. The neutral, muted colours certainly look pleasing and give a nice twist on a traditionally Northern Hemisphere tradition. Or, perhaps you could try decorating a big house plant?

    Make it memorable

    Christmas is a special time of the year, whether this is the first time decorating your home or twentieth, make sure to adorn your tree with decorations that mean something to you. Particularly the Christmas tree topper!

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