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    17 December 2021

    Last-minute gift ideas: our Christmas interiors wishlist

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    We know – Christmas came up quickly this year.

    Which means plenty of presents to pick up. But buying presents for everyone doesn’t have to be a headache. You can indulge the design-conscious side of yourself whilst crossing the big to-dos off of your list by picking these presents off our ultimate interiors wishlist!

    Artisanal candles

    A personal favourite of ours, artisanal candles are a great gift. They’re a fantastic addition to any space as well as a character builder for a home. Depending on the personality of the home (and recipient), you could choose to go the austere route, picking up a cluster of dark pillar candles. Or if the home is a bit more jovial, consider picking up a fun and colourful candle.

    Jute rug

    A jute rug can be a fantastic addition to a light and airy room. Bringing the best parts of summer into your home (without all of the sand) is a great way to add a new flavour to an old space. They look beautiful, and best of all can really open up a smaller space.

    Dried flowers 

    Who else loves receiving flowers, but hates when they wither away? Dried flowers are the solution. They look pretty for years and some florists even specialise in creating these gorgeous arrangements.

    Coffee table book 

    A must-have styling piece. An elegant coffee table book will look at home anywhere you place them… on entry consoles, dining buffets, entertainment units and of course coffee tables! Stack them to create a luxe vibe and a mind-blowing Christmas gift. You’ll be in their good books for months to come!


    Ceramics are both on-trend and timeless, meaning they’re not going away anytime soon. There are so many decor gift ideas when it comes to ceramics. You could treat your friend (or yourself) to a grand ceramic table lamp or statement vase, or go small with a handmade dish to sit on a bedside table.

    Chopping board 

    This might seem like a boring decor gift idea, but a good-quality chopping board is crucial to a stylish (and functional) kitchen. We’re talking an aged timber decorative chopping board that can be placed lovingly against a kitchen splashback.

    House plant 

    No home is complete without an indoor plant. If you’re buying for a green thumb, the opportunities are practically endless. But, if your friend struggles to keep plants alive make sure you choose a hardy plant, such as bamboo, fiddle leaf fig, Kentia palm or yucca. You can even buy fake plant plants these days that look identical to the real thing.

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