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    26 July 2016

    How to choose the right rug

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    When kitting out your home, many people think of a rug as an accessory, something to be purchased when almost everything else in the room is in place. But the truth is that nothing has more of an impact on a room as a rug. Choosing the right size can be tricky and where most people get it wrong. More often than not, you need a rug larger than you think. Use painter’s tape to mark the boundaries of the rug size you’re envisioning. This will give you a great visual reference and will help you select the perfect size. If in doubt, bigger is better.

    A rug can really ground a group of furniture that would otherwise seem to float around. It’s useful to size the rug so it extends half way under the sofa or chairs. Sometimes pieces like a flat bottomed cube side table won’t work half on / half off, it is a matter of case by case consideration. If you are wanting a rug in the dining area, ensure it is appropriately proportioned so that when all the chairs are out, they are all still sitting on the rug.


    Rugs help delineate and define spaces and are particularly useful in providing softness and comfort in living spaces that have hard flooring.

    A Sisal natural rug is not only on trend, but can ‘ground’ and ‘relax’ a room. The texture can add interest and depth and the aesthetic suits a wide range of properties and interior styles. TIP: Sisal rugs have become a major trend in floor coverings thanks to the likes of Armadillo & Co. For the budget conscious, there are similar options available but the price you pay for sisal rugs generally directly aligns with the quality you receive, so it is often worth investing more to ensure a long-lasting, durable product.


    A rug’s colour palette can influence the perceived amount of light and space in a room. Decorating a dark room? Go with a warm-coloured rug, (yellows or oranges) to enhance the space. Lighter-coloured rugs will make the space feel more open while darker rugs will provide a more intimate atmosphere.


    A bold Moroccan style rug adds colour, texture and edge to a modern space. Plus this well-travelled, bohemian look is definitely an on-going popular trend. Pull back on the artwork, and let the rug shine.


    There’s a trick to using patterns. Pick a colour theme and use big swatches of colour to anchor the spaces. Keep oversized patterns in check by limiting them to well-defined spaces and balancing with solid walls, furnishings or rugs.

    Try incorporating open-weave materials into the room, they’ll help keep a light and airy feeling. If the area doubles as an entry, keep the two separated and well-defined with rugs for each space in a unifying colour theme so both spaces coexist harmoniously.

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