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    21 December 2020

    What’s next for BOWERBIRD Interiors?

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    Can you believe 2021 is just around the corner?

    2020 has been a huge year for BOWERBIRD – we’ve launched an online mini course, brought back our premium property styling offering, and allowed our clients to showcase their properties virtually. And that’s only just the beginning. Who knows what 2021 will bring, but we have some ideas…

    Taking care of business

    We’ve had increasing interest from clients who saw our residential styled homes and wanted the same BOWERBIRD look for their property developments, businesses and commercial properties. In 2020, we styled some incredible projects, including office spaces and a 20-suite building. Our team is excited to step up and meet the demands of business, commercial and trade projects. With our vast logistics and operational capabilities – no property or project is too big for us in 2021.

    Growing our team

    As our business continues to grow, it only makes sense that our team grows with it. We are already looking for new Sales and Business Development stars to join us on a full-time and part-time basis (if this sounds like you, get in touch!). Follow our social media to keep updated on our hiring notices, because we will definitely be seeking the best and brightest talent in 2021.

    Leading trends

    We confess we’re not big on following trends at BOWERBIRD – just because it’s splashed across every magazine doesn’t necessarily make it a good fit for a real home. Instead, we follow our own instincts, staying true to our contemporary and always classic style. In the year to come, we aim to keep marching to the beat of our own drum and evolve the BOWERBIRD look we’re known for.

    Interior styling

    Of course, we’ll continue to do what we do best – styling all things interiors! Whether it’s a compact city apartment, a coastal cottage, a sprawling family home, we’re committed to styling even more Sydney homes in 2021. If you’re a homeseller, we can present your property in its best light (and give you extra peace of mind while selling with BOWERBIRD BLACK). If you’re a homeowner planning to stay in your property long-term, we’ll give you a beautiful home for life. And, if you’re a property developer, have properties in hospitality & tourism, or own a commercial workplace, we’re here to service you as well. 

    What would you like to see from BOWERBIRD Interiors in 2021? Let us know using the contact form.

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