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    23 September 2019

    BOWERBIRD BLACK, in numbers

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    Let’s be honest – numbers talk! And when you’re in the market to sell your home, every penny counts.

    That’s why, we’re super proud of BOWERBIRD BLACK, our no risk property styling offering. Unlike our regular service, BOWERBIRD BLACK requires no upfront payment, no instalments and you only pay when you sell – from your settlement.
    But… you probably already knew that, right? What you really want to know is, how does it add up? Well, we’ve crunched the numbers and here’s everything you need to know…

    BOWEBIRD BLACK has a 91% success rate

    Sure, the current clearance rate within NSW is improving steadily, but it’s still well below our 91% success rate. This means that 91% of homes styled with BOWERBIRD BLACK go on to sell. What’s even more impressive however, is that to date, over $320million worth in property has been transacted through BOWERBIRD BLACK.


    Properties styled with BOWERBIRD BLACK spend an average of 40 days on the market

    One of the big unknowns when selling your home is how long it will spend on the market. While everyone hopes that their dream buyer will walk in on the first day of open homes, unfortunately, it’s pretty tough to guarantee that will happen. However, industry experts agree that styled homes sell more quickly – and for more. We’ve seen this for ourselves! With BOWERBIRD BLACK, properties spend around 40 days on the market so you can feel confident about selling your home – because we certainly are.

    We’ve risked over $1million with BOWERBIRD BLACK

    We often talk about how BOWERBIRD BLACK is backed by our guarantee of success – but we’ve truly put our money where our mouth is. As there is no upfront payment for you and you only pay when (and if) you sell, we bear the risk so that you don’t have to. In terms of numbers, that’s translated to us risking over $1million of our own money to style and help sell your home. 

    Think BOWERBIRD BLACK might be right for you? Drop us a line using the contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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