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    23 July 2021

    How to style: a bedside table

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    Is your bedside table in need of a makeover?

    Sometimes a bedside table can become overwhelmed with everything – from phone chargers to contact lens cases to night creams. We tend to forget that the bedside table is also an important focal point. It sets the tone for the rest of the bedroom and, when styled with intention, can make quite the statement. Here are some of our best tips for styling a bedside table.

    Less is more

    Rule number one of styling a bedside table: don’t overdo it. Curate objects that either have personal or practical significance so you don’t end with too much clutter. Anything else can be stored away – we like double-duty bedside tables with drawers to tick the box of style and functionality.

    In proportion

    If you’re in the market for a new bedside table, think carefully about how it will balance the rest of your bedroom. We suggest writing down measurements, just to be certain. For example, you probably want to stay away from having a bedside table that’s taller than the mattress.

    Sentimental value

    When you wake up, your bedside table is one of the first things you see. So it only makes sense to place things on your bedside that will inspire you as you get ready for the day. Some items that may have sentimental value include: books, ornaments, crystals, trinkets, or of course, a framed photo of someone or something you love.


    A striking way to style a pair of bedside tables is to make them symmetrical, with identical lamps and accessories. This suits a more formal, mature home, so if this is your vibe we definitely recommend trying it out.


    If the matchy-matchy style isn’t for you, especially if you favour a more casual and laid-back aesthetic, then asymmetrical balance is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at – countering the visual weight of contrasting objects in perfect harmony. For example, if you have a tall table lamp, you can offset this with a wide but shallow ceramic tray. A chunky candle will pair nicely with a delicate trinket, and so on.

    Go for gold

    Don’t be afraid to go lavish with your bedside table decorations – besides the bed itself, this is the focal point of the bedroom. Whether you keep a vase full of fresh flowers or choose a lamp with a polished gold base, a little bit of luxury never goes astray.

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