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    25 October 2019

    How to style your bedside table

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    Bedside tables are often neglected in home styling, either collecting clutter or remaining completely bare. 

    We think that’s a shame because a well-styled bedside table is a wonderful accent to anyone’s bedroom. Here’s why your bedside table should be more than a place to put your phone – plus five stylist-approved bedside table ideas you can try at home.

    Make the table the statement

    Shift the focus from what goes on top of your bedside table to your bedside table itself. We love designs with unexpected elements, such as a structural base or a metallic finish. Round bedside tables are also currently trending, and help to emphasise the bedroom’s soft shapes and contours.

    Go minimal

    At BOWERBIRD, we’re not ones for loads of trinkets. Minimalism isn’t just trendy, it looks cleaner and more curated, too. Try to keep your bedside table uncluttered and quite functional (do you really need an alarm clock radio when you have a smartphone?). A lamp and a few personal touches are all you need – more on that below!

    Statement lamp

    You need a bedside lamp, so why not make a statement out of it? Gone are those dusty lampshades your gran used to have – sleek, industrial-inspired designs are in. Think exposed bulbs, metallic and marble details and futuristic shapes.

    Add plants

    If you only have room for one piece of decor on your bedside table, make sure it’s a plant. Who wouldn’t want to prettify their room and help oxygenate the air while they’re sleeping? Choose a lightweight house plant such as devil’s ivy, rubber plants or a snake plant.

    Final touch: a good book

    Add reading to your bedtime routine and add a beautiful finishing touch to your bedside table at the same time. This is one time when you should actually judge a book by its cover!

    Style, simply

    If you’re selling your home, you have a big task ahead styling every detail, right down to the items on your bedside table. And details count – it’s the small things, as well as the overall package, that creates a space people can feel at home in.

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