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    4 March 2022

    Home is where the art is

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    Art in all its forms plays a key role in turning a nice space into a ‘wow’ space.

    Indeed, your home, where you spend the most time, should also be an inspiring and satisfying place to wake up and come home to. And while art is often seen as a luxury, it’s one little extra that we’re happy to splash out on.  And, surprisingly, it may not be as costly as you think.

    The fine print

    One of the drawbacks of purchasing art is that original pieces are quite costly (if money is no object for you, stay tuned for advice on art investment). For the rest of us, there are always prints – the high-res reproductions which look just as good hanging on your wall. For the best results, make sure to present your prints in high-quality frames to make them look even more valuable.

    More is more

    We’re always extolling the virtues of minimalism, but when it comes to art sometimes you just want to show off. We love the look of a gallery wall to showcase all your favourite art pieces you have collected over the years. This also allows you to curate your taste and personal aesthetic to a tee!

    In good shape

    Time to think three-dimensionally! Sculptures are an underrated way to bring an interesting look to the home, often popped on a side table or display shelf to catch the eye. We would always prefer handmade sculptural pieces as the small imperfections are what make sculptural art so unique and interesting to look at. Try purchasing a couple in different shapes and sizes to really make a statement.

    Play the long game

    If you’re an art lover with the cash to spare, it may be well worth your investment to purchase an original piece of art. It’s a great talking point for guests and often your original piece will appreciate in value over time (at least a decade, typically). If you’re passionate about art and are prepared to hold onto it, you could end up with a sizable profit in the long run. 

    Do it yourself

    This advice might not be for everyone, but if you’re artistically inclined anything that you make yourself will provide a perfectly personal touch to your home. Whether it’s a photographic print, an abstract canvas or a raw piece of pottery, the only limit is your imagination. Time to head to Pinterest for some ideas!

    Have your home professionally curated

    A professional interior designer can handpick art pieces that suit your aesthetic and lifestyle goals. Our service Styled to Keep refreshes and reinvigorates your home by filling it with beautifully curated pieces, including art. If you’re interested in styling your home, get in touch! You can either call us on 02 9531 2233 or use the contact form to set up an initial call and free consultation.

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