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    1 August 2022

    Are you viewing your home through rose-tinted glasses?

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    It can be tricky to find the sweet spot between creating a home you love, and transforming it into one that potential buyers will also adore. 

    After all, your living spaces are made of your own sentimental memories and moments. And it can be very tempting to want to pass those same warm and fuzzy feelings on to potential buyers. However, when you’re styling your home to sell, what you should really be aiming for is to create a connection that’s personal – while allowing the potential buyer to imagine their own personality there. If you’re struggling to find the balance between sticking to the style you’ve created and curating a new one that invites potential investors to see your home as a blank canvas, we’ve compiled a basic guide on what deserves to stay, and what needs to go when styling your home to sell. 

    Kitchen Duties 

    With the kitchen often considered the heart of the home, it’s little surprise that this is one of the first places that people will fall in (or out of!) love with when investing in a property. With that in mind here are our tips for what to cull and what to keep, when styling it to sell… 

    Cull: Overly personal items (such as unpaid bills taped on the fridge). Avoid unnecessary clutter – such as crowded benchtops including the dishrack – can go. The last thing potential buyers want is to walk into an area that feels messy and overwhelming. Maximise space to create a sense of calm and relaxation.

    Keep: Cookbooks, an elegantly-labelled spice rack, ornamental bowls, matching chopping board sets, copper utensils, a basket of fresh fruit.

    Dine & Discover

    When it comes to the decor of your dining room, leave your buyers imagining themselves relaxing and entertaining in the space, not wondering who sits at your table every night! Try these tips…

    Cull: A table set like a display home. Formal plates, silver candle holders, crystal goblets and napkin rings can look pretentious, so opt for something a little more authentic. 

    Keep: A few casual pieces that hint at your dining rooms being homely are perfect. Try a glass jug filled with water, a vase with a bouquet of your favourite blooms, and even a chair slightly angled out, to invite potential investors to take a seat.

    Living Large 

    The living space is important because it’s where most of our, well, living, happens at home. To recreate the look of a “lived-in” space tinged with a little luxe, opt for… 

    Cull: TV remotes lying on the couch, dusty furnishings, dirty upholstery, anything that suggests the place once doubled as a WFH-office

    Keep: A beautiful coffee table book, piles of magazines open on a side table and indoor pot plants.

    Bathing Beauty 

    A tidy bathroom is an inviting bathroom, so to get your bathroom looking its best, consider storing away any unnecessary items. Then, utilise small, sophisticated touches that will transform a basic bathroom into an aspirational resort-like retreat that potential buyers will love. 

    Cull: Remove all items that imply hard housework – such as toilet brushes, sponges, cleaning products, bathmats, bathroom scales – even spare toilet rolls. Styling your home to sell is all about creating an escape from reality, so now is not the time to remind sellers of the maintenance required to keep the shower sparkling!

    Keep: Invest in diffusers, scented candles, fresh fluffy towels and luxe toiletries.

    The right side of the bed 

    A beautiful bedroom can be a powerful investment when styling your home to sell. After all, who doesn’t want to buy the home of their dreams – literally? To achieve this look, follow the instructions below on what to cull and keep … 

    Cull: Any personal effects – especially that bedside photograph of your and your BFF getting the good times going in Bali! 

    Keep: Freshly laundered sheets, quilt covers (ideally in crisp whites, neutral creams and calming pastels), and as many (*cough* duck feather) cushions as you can afford. 

    Need help laying down the rose-coloured glasses and transforming your space into a dream home that potential buyers will love just as much? Take the stress out of selling with the help of our experienced stylists, and our budget-friendly Dream Big, Pay Later package. 

    *To approved applicants. Conditions apply.

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