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    26 August 2019

    Are you guilty of these styling faux pas?

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    BOWERBIRD - Are you guilty of these styling faux pas?
    When you’re styling your home – whether for sale, or simply for fun – it can be easy to get carried away.
    After all, there are so many beautiful trends to try and it can be tempting to implement them all at once.
    But, property styling is a fine art (and something that takes practise!), so don’t be disheartened if you’ve fallen for the following styling faux pas…

    Making your home look like a showroom
    At its core, your home should reflect your personal taste and style – or that of your prospective buyers – so it should never feel like you’re walking into a showroom. While you certainly don’t want your home to be littered with sentimental mementos and family photographs (especially if your property is on the market), the styling should still feel comfortable, not stark or overly perfect like a showroom. Your home should feel homey!

    You don’t need to embrace hardcore minimalism, but removing clutter helps to create space in your home. Not every wall needs to hold a piece of artwork and likewise, every corner doesn’t need to be filled with furniture. Instead, keep things simple by selecting one key piece to focus on in each room – and build around it.

    Not considering proportions
    Great styling is all about balance so consider the proportions of every piece you place within a space. There’s nothing more uncomfortable, for example, than a rug that’s too big for the room it’s placed in, or an artwork that doesn’t fit the wall. When in doubt, step away from the room for a while and then turn on your senses when you return to the space – trust us, your gut instinct will tell you if something feels a little off.

    A lack of greenery
    Greenery breathes new life into your home and adds a touch of freshness – so without it, your property can feel a little lacklustre. Plants are also a great way to fill those awkward corners and crannies.

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