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    19 July 2021

    5 things prospective homebuyers actually want

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    Putting your home on the property market is a world of uncertainty, particularly if it’s your first time.

    If you’re selling your home or even thinking about it, you’re probably wondering: what exactly do prospective buyers want? Thanks to research and a lot of experience, we can tell you it’s not that big of a mystery. Here are just five things that prospective homebuyers are asking for in 2021.

    1. Spatial planning

    Styling your home for sale isn’t just up to choosing the best quality furniture and decor (though that definitely helps). It’s also where you choose to place those pieces. The right spatial planning can make the cosiest home look spacious and the most expansive home look intimate. Another thing to consider is how your home flows – these days, an open plan layout is very favourable in the property market. Not everyone has an open plan home, but you can still create the same feeling by connecting each room to the next through expert styling.

    2. Ample natural light

    Nobody wants to live in a cave. Your aim before opening your home for viewings should be to maximise whatever natural light you have, so make sure to keep the curtains and blinds open. Some other tactics you can try include using mirrors and a fresh coat of white or cream paint to help reflect light. You’ll also want to make sure your light fixtures are updated with bright bulbs – homebuyers will check, and a flickering light is never a good look.

    3. A home office

    The way we work has changed and more prospective homebuyers are looking for the flexibility to work from home. You may think it’s a good idea to keep a spare room open for interpretation, but actually homebuyers are compelled to pay more for a home if that empty space has been converted into something useful. Luckily, it’s fairly simple to show the possibilities through property styling – a sleek desk set-up goes a long way.

    4. Cleanliness

    We would urge you to pay for professional cleaning before selling your home. The goal is to make your property look – and smell – as good as new. Professionals will make sure to clean deep, getting rid of any dust, grime and odours that you may not even notice yourself (but prospective homebuyers definitely will). If you book property styling with BOWERBIRD Interiors, you can choose to add our ASSIST by BOWERBIRD service, and we’ll organise for an expert clean at the same time.

    5. Comfort

    Homebuyers want a home that looks like new, but they also want it to feel like a home. Too often staged homes can come off a little too austere, which is something we actively avoid. The idea is to give homebuyers a glimpse into what their lives could look like in the property – whether it be a novel on the bedside or table settings in the dining room, the imagination is inspired. And on another note, modernity should never outweigh comfiness. You should feel like you could sink into the sofa or perfectly made bed at the end of the day.

    Can we help style your home to sell?

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